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Minutes 9-19-07

Student Art Association
Meeting September 19, 2007
Start: 7:30 pm
End: 8:49 pm

Officers Elected
President: Coco Mailhot
Vice President: Nate Myatt
Treasurer: Ian Burto
Secretary: Katie Fearon

Coco will steal the scanner and copy the constitution into a word document.
Constitution will be emailed to everyone.
If you see any changes that need to be made email them to Coco.
Next E-Board meeting will include making final revisions to constitution and it will be discussed at next meeting.

We are now an official club.
All forms have been passed into Senate.

Keeping up on everything
We will have two places where everything about this group will be posted. Live Journal and our very own Yahoo group
This way anyone can post different events and be sure that everyone is on the same page.
Minutes from each week meetings will be posted on there as well.

T-shirts are currently in the works.
Doodle down your possible ideas for a t-shirt design
Bring possible designs to next meeting.

Masquerade Ball
NECRA, and Soup wanted to know if art club would like to help decorate this year.
However decorating is still up in the air. Will keep posted.

Art Show at Gallery
Opening after Thanksgiving break
Darryl offered space to students
Possible show and sell
Darryl will help install the show
We have to create flyer and post cards to be handed out and sent out
Weekends to volunteer and watch gallery
We are the ones that will put up the show
Restrictions, judging, size limit. We decide
Artwork- must be matted and/or framed
30% commission goes to art club, 70% goes to artist
Sending word out to local community, not just student’s artwork in the show.
Applications and submission dates, our decision.
Work must be submitted by December 1, 2007
Possible 5 or 6 entries per person
Must get flyer out as soon as possible
Volunteers to sit at the gallery during the times it is opened.
Figure out the details about prices, Cash or check?

Currier Museum in Manchester
Moving library back into new building
Hours 9-5, students help and get paid
Good experience for students
Possible idea to higher club for one or two Saturday’s to do a big help day.

Museum Trips
NEC Studnets can flash their student ID’s and get in for free.
Open: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday til 10pm
Current shows: Art of Japan: Sept 22- Jan
“Walk this way”: Shoe exhibit
Napoleon: October – January
Photographer/ Print maker: October – February


Heather Chabot : Porcelain times
April is Children’s Literacy Month
- Children submit artwork and stories
- Students to help judge
- Students to help mount
- Artwork submitted two weeks ahead of time
- Meet with Professor Miller
- Find place to put the elementary school images and stories.
- Sharon La Joie
- Flyers for the drama department shows.
- Make up designs that go with the current plays
- Find out when the dates are that the shows are going on
- Find out what shows are going on
- About 2 plays per semester
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