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Meeting 10-3-07

Student Art Association
Meeting October 3, 2007
Start: 7:30 pm
End: 7:56 pm

- Coco
- Ian
- Nate
- Katie
- Sam
- Becky
- Inez
- Arthur
- John

T-Shirt Ideas
- Shared by Arthur and Nate
- Nate has NEC logos incorporated with SAA
- Arthur has Andy Warhol cow with SAA in the horns
- Voting for Design and Color next week

Fix Constitution
- We do not discriminate!

- $1,250 for the year
- Asked for $4,000
- We need to start deciding on actual activities

Art Show
- Change in restrictions
- Max 3x3 only one piece that is that big

New Englander
- Still looking for artists to add in and interview

- Posters have to be hung by October 15
- Coco will email out guidelines

Yahoo group
- Add manually- Nate, John Arthur
- Check for- Inez
- Send out test run email to figure out who is added. Everyone respond.

Open Studio
- Art Annex studio nights
- SAA buys paint and brushes
- Painting and Drawing
- Sketches and still life’s
- Student critiques
- Teachers possibly critiquing
- Buy your own canvas
- There is a general interest with the group to do this
- We need to look at prices and paints

- Gallery Opening: Contemporary Art from New York. Reception from 2-5 All Welcome
- Movie Nights with Inez
- Sam Likes Art
- Check for Museum dates with Inez
- Treasurer needs to send in how much % wise we are going to use this semester

Fundraising Ideas
- Painting party: Fill Balloons with paint, Run around campus throwing them
- People throwing there paint covered bodies at sheets.
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